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New to Empire Avenue too? I’ve found the following to be extremely helpful…

Empire Avenue

I’ve only been using Empire Avenue for 10 days and I’m still learning my way around the interface. For those who are as new to the service as I am, I’ve found the following to be extremely helpful and allows me to interact better with others using the site.

Notifications —> Notification Settings - click one of the 13 notification filters

The notifications can be a bit overwhelming. Initially, I was trying to respond to Shouts by clicking each individual email that landed in my Gmail account. (It only seemed polite to reply to Shouts and to thank people for investing in MARKD.)

Unfortunately, this method was time-consuming and not very enjoyable. (Not to mention oftentimes being overwhelming, cluttered and confusing.)

The team at Empire Avenue did a great job of providing tools for us to use. It just takes a little time to get used to the complexity of the site. (Somewhere between using Twitter and Facebook’s privacy and notification settings.)

The Notification filters I find most useful are Share Buys, Replies and Comments, Mentioned and Shout Outs.

By using these filters, it’s helping me to increase my engagement on EA and doing so in less time.

You also may have noticed that I’ve begun to link to the user who I’m shouting to. To link to a user’s profile, you simply put an ‘e’ in parenthesis next to the user’s name. For example: (e)MARKD. This will hotlink the Shout to the user’s EA profile.

Also, if you are trying to figure out how other people are able to purchase more than 200 shares of a single person, it’s an upgrade. Upgrades are one of the ways that EA is monetizing its service.

I’ll post more updates as I progress through the game. For people who have been playing Empire Avenue for awhile, I’m sure that the information I’ve provided in this note seems obvious. For me, the discovery of the filters weren’t. It took me 10 days. Now that I’m aware of this feature, boy what a time saver and a great feature to help me to engage better and more consistently with others.

Mark Davidson

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TwitPic Stories


I finally figured out a legitimate use for my Tumblr account. I can archive my TwitPic stories here. I’ve been creating TwitPic stories for years on Twitter. In the past, using photos on Twitter to tell a story in real time has been well received and have generated hundreds of @replies/@mentions and RT’s. (Actually, probably more like thousands but I haven’t actually counted.) It’s also a lot of fun for me to do as well.

The set of photos below were originally created approximately between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM on Tuesday, June 28th, 2011.

There’s always an element of silliness to my TwitPic stories and the value I intend to provide with them is to either amuse or entertain. 

Having the photos statically placed on Tumblr is not quite the same as revealing each story with a 140 character comment, one photo at a time, in real time but I had been meaning to archive these stories for years. Please enjoy.

Mark Davidson